Telecom Short Courses

ITSI offers 2 Telecommunication Short Learning programmes

These courses are ideal for the busy Executive or Senior Manager. It obtains up to date information on telecommunication strategies, pricing models, standards and new technologies, presented by a World Class faculty.

Telecom Masterclass


The 5-day Telecom Masterclass is an absolute necessity for the Mobile Network Operator that is striving to become a Communication Service Provider in a developing economy. It harnesses the latest telecommunication trends, technology and business models, and provides a management framework by which Operators can manage more effectively in a time of Technological and Business Model change.

How can operators effectively manage their companies in a period of disruptive change?

  • A comprehensive framework to understand the business requirements for a Communication Service Provider rather than a Network Operator;
  • A comprehensive overview of the new revenue streams of IoT, Converged services, Cloud computing, Big Data in a developing economy;
  • An overview of the changes in the network architecture moving from a TDM environment to an all-IP environment;
  • An understanding of Next Generation OSS and BSS solutions;
  • An insight into the latest business models and pricing strategies in the telecommunication sector, and its applicability in developing countries.


Telecommunication Master Class

Telecommunication Management for non-Technical Managers 


This 3-day course was specifically developed to assist Non-technical managers in obtaining sufficient insight into the technical side of the telecommunication industry to improve their overall understanding and decision making capability in the Telecommunication space.


Telecommunication Management for non-Technical Managers