AI Master Class

Artificial Intelligence Master Class for Business Executives

AI Master Class for Business Executives

It is clear that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will have a profound impact on almost all companies in years to come. The proliferation of Big Data, IOT and smartphones, and the ease of integration into open AI Learning Engines, have taken Machine Intelligence out of the domain of academia, and made it one of the largest business opportunities for the foreseeable future. The impact of AI will be vast and profound, and it will be felt across the entire value chain. It is for this reason that the AI Master Class for Executives was created.

The AI Master Class will empower Business Executives to understand the foundational elements of AI and allow them to harness its value across a variety of functions and activities within their organisations.

Outcomes of the course:

 The course is aimed primarily at empowering Business Executives to understand the foundational elements of AI and allow them to lead their activities and personnel with a higher degree of authority.

 In short, this course allows Executives to:

  • see through the mist and allow them to use Machine Learning to make better sense of the world around them;
  • identify which problems can and cannot be solved by AI and ML in the current context;
  • identify which type of algorithm should be used for which type of problem;
  • allow them to effectively plan and structure AI projects within their organisations; and
  • allow them to identify the skills and type of personnel required within the AI team.

The course will furthermore demystify AI and ML and provide an easy digestible overview of the mathematics involved. The course will also focus on the Digital Transformation journey that will enable Executives to create a data rich environment in which AI can thrive.

The course is illuminating and practical, as it allows all the participants to briefly get their hands dirty in using their own data to look for useful patterns, using a variety of algorithms available within the Machine Learning domain.

It finally allows them to create strategies and procedures in which AI can be used to make a meaningful difference to the organisation's top and bottom line.

AI Master Class: To empower all executives to be able to make informed decisions about the benefits of AI within all areas of their organisations, and to be able to understand the strategic implications of AI within a new digital ecosystem.

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AI Masterclass

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