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The Game-Changer To Revolutionise Your Business.




The world has entered a new era of Business Productivity. In early 2023, a Generative AI service called Chat GPT-3 reached 100 million users faster than any digital service in history. It is now possible for ordinary computer users, without any programming background, to unleash the power of AI to improve their current business activities and operations.

Employees and small business owners want to know what skills they can acquire to prepare for the future, while companies want to increase their productivity. The AI Master Class aims to meet both of these objectives.


ITSI in association with the NWU Business School, has developed a brand new 4-day AI Master Class that shows organisations how to use AI Tools to unleash their full business potential.


1. Use AI to increase your personal productivity.
2. Use AI to redefine your business processes.
3. Use AI to unlock your innovative potential.


Human and AI thinking

Understand the difference between human and AI thinking.

Appropriate AI tools

Identify and analyse the most appropriate AI tools for specific business needs.

Improve Personal Productivity

Use Generative AI to improve personal productivity.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Use AI tools to automate repetitive tasks and improve efficiency,

Customer Service, Marketing, & Sales

Use generative AI Tools to assist with tasks such as customer service, marketing, and sales.

Productivity and Competitiveness

Understand the potential impact of AI on business productivity and competitiveness.

Future Developments

Understand the potential future developments in AI and their implications for business,

Digital Transformation Strategy

Understand the role of AI in the context of overall digital transformation strategy.

Design Thinking

Use AI as a tool in the innovation process with Design Thinking as a foundation.

legal Implications

Understand the ethical and legal implications of using AI in business.

Apply Acquired Knowledge

Be able to apply the acquired knowledge and skills to real-world business scenarios.


AIMC 101 - An Introduction to the use of AI in Business

  1. The History and Future of AI
  2. The difference between AI and Human thinking
  3. An extensive overview of various AI tools used in Business
  4. AI and IoT – Exploring a new era of productivity


AIMC 102 - Using AI to improve your personal business performance

  1. Transformers – Unlocking a new era in business performance
  2. An introduction to Prompt Engineering
  3. Advanced prompt engineering – Text-based systems
  4. Prompt engineering – Image-based systems

AIMC 103 - Using AI to optimise your company’s business processes

  1. An overview of AI tools for business functions - (Accounting / Legal / HR / Marketing)
  2. Improving advertising, marketing, and sales using AI
  3. Improving report writing and compliance using AI
  4. Improving business communication using AI


AIMC 104 – Using AI as a tool to create your future

  1. Using AI to unleash human creativity
  2. Design thinking introduction
  3. Workshop: Design thinking to solve your own business challenges
  4. Workshop: Creating your future with your newfound knowledge


The course is designed for entrepreneurs and employees of organisations big and small who want to obtain the necessary business skills in using AI to remain competitive in a changing business environment.


The starting dates of the cohorts are shown below. New cohort dates will be updated continually throughout the year.

Self-study cohorts:

Cohort A - 1 June 2023

Cohort B - 15 June 2023

Cohort C - 1 July 2023

Course Fees

The cost of the program is R26 800 (incl.) per participant.

NWU allows various options payment options for individuals and companies. Volume discounts are available for five or more participants per cohort.


The AI Masterclass will be presented in an online environment via MS Teams. Participants will be able to choose between Synchronous or Asynchronous classes.

  • A synchronous class will consist of 4 days of live interactive classes.
  • An asynchronous class will allow participants to complete the course at their own pace, with various live workshops during days or evenings to interact with the facilitators.
Technology and Software Requirements

You should have access to an unrestricted Internet-connected computer. It is advisable to have an introductory subscription to Chat GPT and Midjourney to obtain maximum value from this course. More details will follow in subsequent communication.

Entrance requirements

Individuals should have a Matric (or equivalent) qualification and have basic skills in using computers and associated MS Office applications.


The North-West University is an accredited multi-purpose Higher Education provider with SAQA. The HEQC is the ETQA of this sector. As part of the quality assurance process of the HEQC, the North-West University also has an agreed-upon quality assurance process in place for formal qualifications and short courses.

The AI MC has been internally approved by the Senate Committee for Academic Standards (SCAS) of North-West University. It, therefore, falls under category B of the DTI Skills Matrix enabling companies to process this as part of their Skills Development Levy (SDL) spend.